WakeBallast Ballast Bag 500lb Bundle (10- 50lb bags)

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Get 10 bags of 50lb each for a total of 500lbs with Free Shipping !! Total price: $605.00 What a deal!  Made in the USA

Our Patented bags using steel pellets, not LEAD. Lead is known to cause cancer.

  • Our bags are made of Cordura Nylon 1000D ; which is the highest grade available. Cordura Nylon is known for its durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs.
  • All seams are double sewn for strength and durability; not hand sewn like some competitors
  • We are the only company offering a 3-year warranty.
  • We have our bags in stock ready to ship the same or next business day depending on time ordered.
  • We have a flat rate shipping per bag for 48 U.S. states (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).
  • WakeBallast bags are a great way to supplement your current weight ballast systems. Due to their size, you are able to store them under seats or on the deck of your boat, move weight easily, without compromising your valuable walk space or storage.
  • Because the pellets are so small, you can actually mold the weight bags to fit in ANY space in your boat. Have a small storage space in the nose of your boat? No problem.
  • Because each bag only weighs 50 LB or 25LB- they are easy to move around your boat as your crew load changes. Try moving around a big water bladder or lead plates while you are driving... NOT EASY.


Build the perfect wake using WakeBallast to enhance your wakeboarding and wakesurfing experience. Wake boarders and wake surfers know that placing weight in different parts of your boat can change the shape of wave. By adding ballast bags to your boat it will help the boat to sit lower in the water, especially on the side you will be surfing by. To create an optimal wake surfing wake, the majority of the ballast weight goes in the back corner while smaller amounts of ballast are distributed towards the front, to lengthen and smooth out the wake creating a better surface to ride.