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The flagship of the Chaos Proformance Series, the Team Pro™ was developed by Nick Wiersema in 2009. It is widely copied around the world, but never duplicated. It is the most winning surf style design in wakesurfing. The Chaos Team Pro sets the standard for high performance wakesurfing and is considered the most technologically advanced wakesurfboard available. The wide tail block, blunted diamond nose and progressive concave step deck centers the volume around the rider for unmatched control and pop. For 2021 we continue to offer our advance our proprietary Carbon Flex 2.0 Internal Suspension System, providing the most progressive board on the market. Each Team Pro starts with a pressure-fused high strength EPS foam core. It is then laminated with multiple arrays of S2-fiberglass, a biaxial fiberglass/innegra hybrid and various arrays of carbon fibers for a light weight yet extremely resilient 3D lamination (Chaos proprietary 3D process). Team Pro can be glassed in a standard build, heavy for more durability or light as a feather. Example rider weight ranges are presented below. Weight ranges will be dependent on wave quality and rider ability.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced Competitor. 


Deck: Concave Step Deck

Hull: Modified Planing Hull

Rails: High Performance Surf

Fins: Quad Fin (other fin setups available on custom orders)

Core: Carbon Flex 2.0 Internal Suspension System (optional)